The carpet is lovely and your installers were pros. The only question is when we get the rest of the upstairs done!!
— Mark, Mercer Island
We have worked with Custom Touch Interiors for over 3 years, and with Chellaigne for over 15 years. Custom Touch Interiors is our exclusive tile, plastic laminate, vinyl, and carpet provider. Their installation and customer service are top quality. Their showroom is one of the best I’ve seen, and the staff is always willing to help our customers. I would personally recommend Chellaigne and her staff for any interior project.
— -M. Stewart, John Day Homes, Inc.
gold leaf wallpaper custom touch interiors bellevue.png
The carpet installation that you did for our client was wonderful. Your installer was thorough, quickly responded to any questions we had while on site, and was easy to work with. The job he did was professional, and the results were beautiful. We, along with our client, are very happy with the results. Thank you for a job well done!
— -Z. LeRoux, Cushing Terrell Architecture & Interiors
As a designer, Custom Touch always makes my job easier. They carry the best of all of my favorite vendors, have very competitive pricing, and I know I can always count on their outstanding staff. They have the knowledge and technical expertise to help me work through any of the unexpected issues that can come up on a project.
— J. Willox, JTW Designs
I have been very impressed with the level of craftsmanship and professionalism of your installers in the field, and I am equally impressed with the professionalism and knowledge of your team in the office. Our homes are nothing close to simple; they take time and interaction between both our teams. In my opinion, this is where Custom Touch excels. More often than not there have been changes in design, materials, and time frames that all take extraordinary amounts of effort and coordination to execute properly. Everyone that has been involved with these projects has been able to do so seamlessly. When we find subcontractors like you that make our jobs easier and more efficient, it is a great benefit to us. Starting with design assistance during our multiple color selection meetings, all the way down to cleaning up on the job site at the end of the day- it has all been great!
— - R. Sanford, Lochwood-Lozier Homes